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Ambrose Dery Gives Nandom District a -facelift
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Ambrose Dery Gives Nandom District a -facelift


The Member of Parliament for the Nandom Constituency and Minister for The Interior, Lawyer Ambrose Dery, has reiterated his promise to bring unmatched development to his constituents.

He says he would not renege on his 2016 election campaign promise to the people of Nandom, but urged constituents to exercise restraint as he takes on one project at a time. “I want to thank you very much for reposing your confidence in me. I promise you, myself and our President, Nana Akuffo-Addo will not fail you”, he said during a four-day visit to the constituency which began last Thursday.

For many years, the Nandom District which was carved out of the then Lawra-Nandom Constituency in 2011 has been confronted with myriad of developmental challenges such as poor road networks, lack of electricity, potable water, hospitals and among others.

However, with the election of Lawyer Dery to Parliament, many opportunities seem to be coming the way of constituents after just three months as legislator. He has been able to start the construction of major road networks in the Nandom area, an initiative many constituents are happy about and hailing him for his hard work.

Even though Nandom does not qualify as an urban town, the former Upper West Regional Minister successfully lobbied the Urban Roads Department to agree to work on some major roads in the Nandom Township under the urban road projects. This means that, major road networks in Nandom will also be asphalted by road contractors, P & W Ghanem Limited.

For instance, the Monyupelle-Kusele-Gengengkpe-Baselb through Tom to Ko and Dumaje to the Nandom Hospital roads are currently awarded on contract. Another road network from the Nandom Township to Kogle, Naapaal, Dabagteng, Betaglu and Goziir Nag-nyaa are to be constructed.

Besides, the roads within the entire township of Nandom and Nadomkpee, Dondometeng and Biiregangn whereas the Nandom,Tampelle, Kokoligu and Hamile roads from the main road at Bu through Tampelle, Kokoligu and Hamile are to be constructed. Work has already began simultaneously on most of the roads.

Furthermore, he noted that his office through the Ghana Education Service was also organising extra classes for all pupils of Junior High Schools as a stopgap measure to arrest the fallen standards of education in the district.

“I have an office in the township of Nandom where you can submit your concerns to my secretary for redress. If you are in Accra and you need to see me, come to my office on Tuesdays I am available to meet you”, he stated.

Lawyer Dery during his visit also donated a grinding mill each and some fishing nets to women groups and fishermen in Ketuo, Tankyara, Sonne, Gengengkpe, Guri and Kokoligu communities.

The Nandom legislator also held series of closed door meetings with all the Heads of security agencies, constituency and polling station executives of the New Patriotic Party as well as traditional leaders.

While donating a brand new pickup to the Nandom District Police Command, he assured the other security services who still operate from Lawra his resolve to establish permanent district offices for them in Nandom.

He also announced the establishment of two new police stations; one in Ko and the other in Kokoligu just so that cases around the Hamile area and other communities are not sent to the Lambussie-Karni District.

Lawyer Ambrose Dery rounded up his tour of his constituency by holding meetings with other constituents resident in Wa the Upper West Regional Hospital and Tamale on Saturday and Sunday respectively. He adviced them to remain united and pray for him to succeed with the vision he has for all Nandom people.

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